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Whistler Brewing Co – The Things to Know


Searching for the perfect Whistler Craft Breweries is without a doubt a challenging endeavour, considering the vast amount of options out there. This is the main reason for which we’ve taken the liberty of providing you with information about one which is most definitely worth your time and attention – the Whistler Brewing Co. This is a venue with traditions and a tremendous amount of professionalism housed under the same roof. This is why we decided to take you for a tour through the history of the company and to show you the things that you are in for if you decide to pay a visit.


The History behind Whistler Brewing Co


All Whistler Breweries have their own piece of history. Whistler Brewing Co is not far from being the next big thing, nor has it ever wanted it to be. The company has established itself as modern day pioneers when it comes to craft brewing. The professionals working for the venue are malt-forward thinkers who rely on tradition and skills and not on computers to brew flawless sales. They rely solely on their bare hands, experience as well as knowledge when it comes to craft beer production. They put the hand in handmade. If you are looking for authentic craft beer, this is as good as you are ever going to find it amongst Whistler Breweries.


The company was first established back in 1989, and it’s amongst the originators of the entire craft brewing movement in BC. Today, even though a lot of the breweries have come and gone, the Whistler Brewing Co is still here, and it’s most definitely here to stay.


Core Values


The company prides itself on having and maintaining a few core values which attribute to the perfection which every beer is crafted with. These values include tradition, hard work, reliability and progression. As we mentioned above, there are no computers involved in the making of the beer – everything is bashed and smashed with hands. This is where the tradition and hard work comes into play. At the same time, the experience and the expertise of the master brewers ensure the reliability as well as the progression which stems from the Whistler Brewing Co. In any case, everything is handled perfectly and up to the highest industry standards.


When it comes to Whistler breweries, this one most certainly manages to stand out on top of the crowd with brilliance and expertise beyond comprehension.