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33 Acres Brewing Co


Craft breweries have provided beer enthusiasts with a new and welcome drinking experience. Drinkers can now enjoy drinking one of a kind beers created by passionate professionals in impressive, but personal facilities. Vancouver breweries offering craft beers come with amazing dining options to make your drinking experience all the more entertaining. 33 Acres Brewing Co is one such example right at the heart of Vancouver, the craft brewery capital of Canada. Visitors can enjoy a tour of their impressive brewery facility, sample their selection of craft beers and nibble on their interesting snack offering.


Read on below to find out more about this top rated craft beer maker on the Vancouver brewery listing.




33 Acres Brewing Co is located in Brewery Creek, Vancouver, right at the point where the forest and ocean come together. The main idea behind the founding of this brewery was to bring to existence a space where locals, and visitors, would commune together, basking in the feeling of togetherness as they enjoy high quality, and great tasting, beer, and food. It is this drive and passion to capture the appeal and warmth of the community that brought 33 Acres Brewing Co into existence. When you visit this Brewery Creek facility, you will be able to appreciate all these things in their inviting facility.




33 Acres Brewing Co has developed over the years into one of the top Vancouver Breweries. The brewery not only produces a variety of top craft beers but also hosts regular tasting events in their appealing tasting room. The tasting room holds 60 persons when full. However, the high turnover rate ensures that everyone gets their turn to experience the one of a kind environment. It is worth noting that the brewery allows underage visitors entry provided that they are accompanied by a legal guardian or parent.


Since food goes well with craft beer drinking, there is also a food truck serving tasty snacks right outside the 33 Acres Brewing Co premises on most days.




33 Acres produces a variety of craft beers. It is important that you familiarise yourself with the available variety before your tour to ensure that you have an idea of what to expect. The beers are available for fills, drafts, and bottles. It is also worth mentioning that visitors can have their growlers filled at this Brewery Creek facility regardless of the brand of the growler. All you need to do is ensure that the growlers are clean before handing them in to be filled.


Craft breweries have made it possible for beer enthusiasts to have a different experience as far as enjoying their favourite brew goes. 33 Acres promises to keep this experience alive by offering an intriguing selection of craft beers that you can take home with you after taking our Vancouver Brewery Creek tour.