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Brewery Bachelor Parties

Brewery Bachelor Parties – Throw your Bachelor a Party to Remember

Your bachelor party specialist in: Vancouver, Victoria, Whistler, Kelowna, Squamish & Penticton:

Our team specializes in Brewery tours across BC.  Weather your staying in Vancouver for the weekend or looking to head up the "Sea to Sky to Whistler" our team has you covered.  Below is our simple how to guide for planning a brewery bachelor party.

  1. Choose your desired Tour.  We have multiple tours in each city.  If your group is 5 or less jump on a public tour.  6+ request a private tour.  *Note less than 8 guests on Saturday after 2:30 may be subject to a minimum of 8-10 depending on city and how late you book.
  2. Find out your group size, assume 10-20% will drop out between planning and the time they pay.
  3. Book your brewery tour 30+ days out and pay your deposit.
  4. Tell the group their money is due earlier than you actually need them to pay you.
  5. Plan your day around the tour, don't stop drinking before the tour.  Groups that start drinking before the tour do not make it much past a couple breweries.
  6. Book dinner after the tour, or let us know when you'll want to eat and we will schedule one of our favourite brewery food stops.

Now, organising a bachelor party is most certainly no joke. Even though it’s supposed to be something fun and interesting, memorizing and engaging all at the same time, it also needs to be appropriate. Of course, a lot of people would rely on the old-school approach – host the party at some club, get drunk and forget the whole thing in the morning. We have a far better solution for your bachelor party idea – make it memorable.


Show that You Are the Best Man for a Reason

Fun tips:

  • Buy the man a costume, keep in mind this is BC and it might be cold
  • Eat before and after the tour, or work with us to do a "Brewery food stop"
  • Get him a T-shirt from our "Swag store"
  • If you are on the Sea to Sky Brewery Tour, Kelowna Brewery tour or Squamish Brewery Tour ask about adding Axe-throwing! 


All men love beer. That’s just a plain fact with nothing to it. With this in mind, why not throw your best bud a brewery bachelor party? Gather all of your close friends, book a venue, and make sure that you organize one of the greatest beer tours ever. This is going to ensure that your friend is truly amazed at the art that goes into the creation of his favourite beer. When you are all done with the tour, make sure that you have a table reserved at a dinner venue for the entire company and start enjoying freshly brewed pints of your favourite craft beer.

 Brewery Bachelor Party

Before you know it, you will be drinking beer, laughing, sharing stories and watching the game – a true men’s night out. Instead of wasting your time and this very special occasion at a regular bar or a strip club, make sure that you create a true bonding moment. Use this opportunity to show the groom that you as well as all his friends are going to be there for him, regardless of the fact that he’s taking a very serious and different way.


The Support is Important


When thinking of a bachelor party idea, you should definitely know that this is a challenging time for the groom. He is likely to have some pre-wedding jitters and you as well as all of his friends need to ensure that he’s making the right call. That’s what true friends do – they don’t push the groom towards unfaithful nights at a strip club – they show him that this is truly the woman for him and that she’s the one. Period. That’s what’s important, and that’s why a brewery bachelor party is amongst the greatest ideas that you can come up with.


There is nothing more manly than a solid pint of cold beer and a company of true friends, dedicated to helping and support each other until the time ends.