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Enjoy the Best Brewery Tours and Understand the Secret behind Each Craft Beer


Craft beer is popular in Canada especially in Vancouver, Okanagan, Victoria and Nanaimo among other areas. Craft beer tastes awesome and gives an amazing experience not only to the locals but also those that would love to taste some for the first time. To learn what craft beer is all about, you need to have a customised tour as this is the best way to have the best brewery tours. The tour will take you to breweries, wineries, and distilleries in different areas. It’s an experience that will last for years to come.


For the beer lovers, a BC brewery tour would not be complete without tasting some of the local best. You get to taste while learning more about the beer and even carry some to drink while on the go. The experience is amazing as you pair your craft beer with some local delicacies. During the sightseeing tours of the breweries, you will have a knowledgeable guide that you can ask all the questions that could be bogging your mind. During the multiple BC breweries tours, your guide will ensure that you understand every aspect of craft beer no matter how little it seems. You will learn the ingredients of the beer, how long it takes to prepare and why it tastes that great.


There is plenty of craft beer to choose from, and you may not know what you are looking for as a first-timer during the BC breweries tours. The staff in each of the different breweries you visit will help you discover your most preferred beer. There are samples where you can test your taste buds and tap rooms to fill in your growler with your favourite beer. You may have a million of questions about this each craft beer and you maybe in a group which means each and every one of you have their own questions. Your guide and the staff at each brewery will answer your questions. When travelling to the breweries in a group, make sure that you have group travel ideas to have the best experience.


Since the multi-day tours to different breweries means you will have to walk, you will need to wear comfortable shoes and clothes in order to have the best brewery tours. It’s advisable to carry a growler with you to fill your beer although you can buy at one of the breweries.

You can enjoy the tours alone, but it’s more fun when you are in a group, and as long as you have group travel ideas, you will have fun everyday moving from one distillery and brewery to the other.