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Corporate Networking Events | Brewery Tour

Networking Events at a Local Craft Brewery, Distillery or Winery


One of the group event ideas that you can do is company networking events. This type of activity can last between one and four hours. It can include tasting and tour of a local craft brewery, distillery or winery.


A lot of people think that networking events are just about selling, but they are also about creating and developing mutually beneficial relationships through time. Networking is more than just maintaining a good reputation. It is also about business development and professional growth. A company can also use networking events to gather employees from different branches under one roof.


A networking event is one of the best group events that you can organise for business group peers, industry associations, and personal contacts. Other group event ideas include conferences, trade shows, and seminars. However, one of the best group events is a small social gathering, such as a brewery or winery tour.


By investing in networking events, you can gain valuable assets to your business. When done right, networking will help the business and brand grow. Below are some other reasons why you should consider holding networking events.

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Improve Your Company Profile


Whether you are part of a large organisation or an entrepreneur, it is important to be visible and be seen by peers and colleagues. One way to do so is to attend social events. You will be able to establish and maintain a good reputation of being a reliable contact in the industry by contributing and sharing information to others.


The best way to do so is by hosting networking events. This allows your business lots of branding opportunities, and at the same time be known as a market leader. Through a social activity, such as a craft beer tour, you will be able to convey your message while allowing people to have fun.

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Gain Access to Resources


One thing that you should know about networking is that it is a two-way street. It provides a lot of benefits for all the parties involved. Networking events can give a lot of opportunities to develop new partnerships, such as finding investors or suppliers. When you provide genuine assistance to your contacts, then they will be more likely to give you support when you need it.


It doesn’t matter what industry sector you belong in or how big your business might be, networking events should be part of your calendar. They help you learn new ideas, and at the same time allow you to share what you know. They provide lots of opportunities to grow your business by meeting new business partners. And when you are in B.C., one of the best group events is a tour of a craft beer brewery, winery or distillery.

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