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BC Hop Fest

BC Hop Fest (Abbotsford)

Fresh hop beer season is like Christmas for IPA drinkers.  The aromas and taste you get from making a beer from a fresh hop versus a pellot hop is much different.  The taste is different, and so are the aromas.

If you love fresh hop beer or outdoor festivals this will be the event for you.  There are 30-40 beer vendors here and probably over 50 fresh hop beers.  IPA's and Ales make up the vast majority of beers on tap and cask here.

Hop Farm Tour

Have you ever been on a tour of a hop farm before?  This is surely something you'll appreciate if you like your beer and want to know just what goes into the making of the bitter and preserving of your beer.

Take a walk through one of BC Hop Co's many hop fields and learn about the 5+ Varieties they grow, the harvesting process and a few farming practices.  There's a bunch here, and maybe even one or two you have not heard of such as Lumberjack.

BC Hop Farm Tour

Stop at a Food Truck

You are going to get hungry.  Rest assured there is great food here. 2017 had a fantastic Ramen stand/truck which was perfect for the rainy and expected fall weather.

Read a little more about the event here.