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A Quick Review on BNA Brewery


BNA Brewing Co is one of the newest additions to your Kelowna Brewery tour.  It is situated in the monumental structure of the British North American Tobacco Company.  Since the year 1960, the building has remain dormant, and not a single tobacco leaves have been dried in this area.  Fortunately, the industry of Okanagan has gone into a drastic change which brought a life to numerous Kelowna Breweries which includes the BNA Brewery.  Let us see what things are in store for us in this brewpub.


A Tour inside the BNA Brewery


BNA Brewing comes with a restaurant, the limited-size brewery, and a tasting room.  Traditionally it can be considered a brew pub, but it has a wide selection of Kelowna Craft Beer.  The restaurant is incredible, to say the least.  Some of the parts of the structure that comes from the old historic building were retouched.  The pub is comprised of two levels that also provide a diverse form of entertainment such as the lawn bowling and the shuffle board.  The whole structure is a perfect blend of the old and modern construction.


After you finished tasting some of their Kelowna Craft Beer inside their brewery, you will be given by a personal and guided tour on the entire place.  The path will lead you to the tasting room that is considerably small.  In fact, it may remind you of the microbreweries that you visited in the past.  When you take the door on the tasting room, it will lead you directly to the brewery which is a bit bigger compared to the tasting room.


Perhaps the owner of this new member of the Kelowna Brewery Listing failed to account the popularity of their Kelowna Craft Beer.  As of today, the entire place is filled with beer lovers coming from different places which make it difficult for them to accommodate everyone.  In order to meet the growing demand of their customers, the management decided to rent a brewing space on other local Kelowna Breweries.


As of late, I managed to experience some of the Kelowna Craft Beer that is being offered by BNA Brewing Co, and I am quite excited on their future offerings.  The popularity of BNA Brewing has boosted the industry of Kelowna Breweries and increase the healthy competition that exists on the brewery in the Kelowna.  In case you are planning to visit Kelowna, there is no way that you should miss BNA Brewery.  They are open from Sunday to Thursday from 4pm up to midnight and from Friday to Saturday from 4pm up to 1:00 am.  The tasting room remains open from Sunday-Saturday from 1:00-8:00 in the evening.  This is a perfect time for you to visit the place.