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Bomber Brewing

Bomber Brewing Company and the Beers Produced


Beer brewing is not a mere task that anyone can indulge in and that is why Vancouver craft breweries are utilising professionalism, creativity, and experience to bring forth excellent beers. Whether you are a new drinker or an experienced drinker, bomber brewing professionals create brands that could bring relaxation and highness effect on you. Their beers are made with excellent hops and malts to make the beer pleasing and aromatic making you to feel nourished with every sip that you take. Every beer undergoes proper brewing from well-structured recipes to ensure that it satisfies the needs of the drinker.

Bomber Tasting Room

Types of Beers that You Can Get at Bomber Breweries




Bomber brewing pride itself for bringing forth this classic British beer that is made from barley and the Crystal Malts of Great Britain combine with hops from North America. The end result is a seamless beer that is very tasty and fulfilling to the drinkers. It is available throughout and people can get it on the tasting stores of Vancouver breweries. It is one of the beers that are very aromatic with a dark appearance.




This is a seasoned brand meant for those who want to drink something special. It is made from Czech Saaz hops that are known for their floral aroma that make the lager pleasing on the mouth of every drinker. It has an alcohol percentage of 4.8% which means that it is friendly for any drinker who wants to have a wonderful taste. It is a light bodied lager with a high refreshing spirit that brings the feeling of satisfaction to the drinker. With the citrus Zest that is added to it, it is no doubt the best beer of which is why it has won many awards including the Gold Medal of Vancouver brewery magazine.



This is another high designed beer with a great collection of caramel, malt, and dried grass enriched to its recipe making it to be wonderful tasting and fulfilling. These hops are known to make the beer refreshing and excellent tasting. It is regularly available in the stores which mean you can have a taste of it when you tour the stores.




Made from Munich Malts, this beer has a slight toasty feeling on the nose making it to impose a soft dry finish on the drinker. This is the kind of beer that would make you sip more and more always from the first drink that you take. Vancouver Brewery companies are among the best when it comes to producing refreshing, special beers. There are many brands available which means you can taste and get the one you like.