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Brassneck Brewing Tours – Things to Enjoy


Brassneck is a local neighbourhood brewery that focuses on the creation of eclectic and experimental beer styles, usually made in smaller batches. They offer their flagship product, Passive Aggressive, which is dry-hopped pale ale which is somewhat similar to IPA.


What to Expect


Tours in Vancouver Breweries launched their first tour company back in June of 2003. Since then, several thousands of beer enthusiasts from all over the world have been visiting this Vancouver Brewery listing in order to enjoy a tour in the brewery facilities.


The tours are informative and fun, and you can even sample your way all throughout the best Vancouver Breweries, such as Brassneck Brewing and Brewery Creek. Since the tours are usually composed of people who just visit the facilities in random, you have the chance to meet other beer lovers, even enjoy a chat with the staff, and even learn new things along the way.


The tours are generally available all year round. They are open all days of the week and are often the best way in which you can completely experience the craft beer scene of the Vancouver Brewery listing. Whether you are simply a thirsty local, or a very curious tourist to the city, a tour to the Vancouver Breweries will surely be an amazing experience for you. All you have to do is to book a tour to Brassneck Brewing, and you can reserve your spot for the tour right away.


Most tours to Vancouver Breweries give you options to consider. You may want to enjoy the so-called walking brewery tours, where you literally – walk. You can also choose a more convenient option, that is, with a provided transportation through the Vancouver Brewery Tour. Another option is a Beer and Food Brewery Tour which means that aside from the tour and transportation that is included; you can also enjoy a good meal.


Whether you are planning to tour alone, or enjoy the company of your family and friends, joining a tour to these Vancouver Breweries will open a new world of learning for you. Rather than just loving the taste of beer right where you buy it, you can explore its world even better, and get a better understanding as to how it is crafted, what ingredients are being used in the concoction, and the techniques that are involved in the production of beer. Surely, the experience will not just be informative for you, but it will also open your mind to the industry of beer making.


You can also include a tour to these facilities as a good idea for parties, such as Bachelorette and parties. It will surely be an interesting time for all of you.