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North Vancouver Breweries


Founded in the year 2012, one of the most amazing breweries in North Vancouver is the Bridge Brewing Company. This was the first nano brewery in Vancouver and has been doing its best to keep its customers happy. Its excellent reputation, the high-quality craft beer and its history are just some of the reason it is a must visit. One way the brewer has ensured the craft beer produced is of the highest standards, and there is consistent supply to meet up the rising demand is purchasing fresh ingredients that are of high quality. There are seasonal, all-year round and ironworker series beers.


The Ironworkers Series Craft Beers


There are varieties of craft beer to choose from with year-round and seasonal beers as well as ironworker series. For ironworker series, there is the Imperial White IPA and the Elderflower Kettle Sour with a spring garden’s aroma. The kettle-soured ale has centennial and galaxy hops. The tart and refreshing craft beer is a must try during a North Vancouver Brewery Tour. The Dark Rye Saison in the ironworker series has a fruity character as it is fermented with lactobacillus bacteria and saison yeasts. Hopped with galena and nugget hops, this complex and dark craft beer has become very popular with the beer lovers.


Seasonal Beers from Bridge Brewing To Look Out For


The seasonal beers from Bridge Brewing are always something to look forward to. The Lemon Gin Saison is known to be super drinkable to those that have already had a taste. Lemon peel, pink peppercorns, coariander for complexity, juniper berries for the flavour and French Saison are what makes this drink from one of the North Van Breweries amazing. For a fruity and soft coffee aroma, the Uganda Sipi Coffee Brown Ale is the season beer to try. Lonsdale Lager, Sleigh Booster, the Grinch, Brucke Berliner Weisse, Razza Raspberry ISA, Side cut IPA as well as the Grinch - Barrel Aged are the other seasonal beers at the Bridge Brewing.


Great Samples All Year Round from Bridge Brewing


Despite there being seasonal beers at Bridge Brewing, there are all year round beers that you cannot miss at anytime of the year. Full of hops and a mild caramel flavour, the North Shore Pale offers an excellent taste. Made of chocolate malt; roaster barley, northwest native Williamette hops and flaked oats, the All Out Stout is a rich, smooth drink. Other beers in this category that you will discover during your Vancouver Brewery Tour include; Wunderbar Kolsch, Hopilano IPA, Ambleside Amber Ale and Bourbon Blood Orange.