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Calister Taster Glass

Callister Brewing – The Place to Enjoy a Good Ale


If you are looking for a place to truly enjoy a nice, well crafted and ice-cold beer, Callister Brewing is there for you. Located in the heart of Vancouver, BC, the brewery definitely has a lot to offer. Boasting both tradition and modernistic approach towards the perfect craft, the venue has everything that you might be looking out for in a brewery of the kind. Callister Brewing is without a doubt amongst the most impressive breweries in the area, so let’s go further on and take a look behind the curtains.


About Callister Brewing


The first thing that you need to understand is that this is a fairly new venue, opening back in July 2015. However, for the short time that it has been open, it has established itself as one of the leading Vancouver Craft Breweries because of the supreme quality of the blends and the perfect technology used behind every cup. Of course, the brew masters are also there to ensure that everything is handled to perfection.


The Vancouver Brewery has its location at 1338 Franklin St which is particularly convenient – exactly one block away north of the Hastings at Clark. It bridges the major brewery hubs in the city, intersected by the Hasting St. Most of the beer is sold on rotating taps in the room designated for testing. However, you can also find or ask for casks as well as for kegs in a wide range of different pubs with beer orientation. Some of these include but are most definitely not limited to the Alibi Room, Storm Crow, St. Augustine’s and many more.


Some of the Specifications


When it comes to the specifications of the Callister Brewing are definitely interesting to note. So, with this in mind, let’s take a closer look at some of the products and their specifics:


  • Boombox Brewing – this takes advantages of sours as well as beers which are barrel aged.
  • Light Heart Brewing: This is mostly taking advantage of European styles as well as of West Coast IPAs.
  • Callister Brewing: An electric mix of different styles as well as mostly European style brewing.
  • Callister Sodas: the sodas are made out of traditional tonic, refreshing combinations relying on particularly fresh ingredients.


In any case, this is without a doubt amongst the best places in Vancouver, BC, to come and taste some particularly perfect beers. They are crafted to perfection and are definitely incredibly worth your time.