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Get the True Victoria BC Breweries Experience at Category 12


Michael Kuzyk is the founder and the head brewer at Category 12, and he has over 2 decades of experience. The company is one of the many Victoria BC breweries that are in the region and offer quality beer to the locals. The founder has worked with quite a number of research labs and made a huge success of various projects. However, his ultimate satisfaction came when he started one of his own Victoria craft beer. The company works tirelessly to ensure that the best of Victoria BC craft beer if produced. For all the beer lovers, there is a great opportunity to taste the beer in the growler testing facility.  In this company, beer always comes first.


Category 12 is one of the authentic Victoria BC breweries and will do everything possible to ensure that that quality beer is produced, which stands out from the rest. This is the main reason why customers have been coming back to the lab often. The process of producing high-quality Victoria craft beer will require attention to detail, innovation, and creativity.


Category 12 values quality more than any other aspect of the beer. This is one of the best Victoria BC breweries, which used the best ingredients in the production of the beer. When you take a tour in the brewery, you will be able to learn the process of beer production and get relevant information on all the ingredients that go to every beer that you usually take at the local bar.

Victoria Brewery Tour at Category 12

Category 12 Quality Beer

In any given time, Category 12 produces only 30 kegs, which may seem too low for other Victoria breweries. However, the brewery is not concerned about the quantity, but the quality, of the beer. With this minimal quantity all the necessary measures are taken so as to produce quality Victoria craft beer. All the recipes are fine tuned, and you will attest to this, with every sip of beer that you take.


You cannot drink something that you do not like, and for Category 12, they only produce the beers that they love to drink. There has been a continued expansion of the flavours that are being produced by this company. The Victoria BC breweries industry has really grown and you will love the beer that comes from this brewery.

One of the obsessions of Michael, the head brewer, is optimising recipes and ensuring that great beer is produced. With the great wealth of experience in his research career, he ensures that only the best leave the brewery. Everyone is invited to visit the lab, which is a common trend in the Victoria breweries tours. This allows you to sample out the different types of beers that are being offered by this brewery.