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Coast Mountain Brewing Co


British Columbia is home to a highly vibrant craft brewing industry. There are numerous craft breweries in the area, with extensive experience in this fun and flavourful industry. However, as with any other industry, there is always space for something new and interesting. This is what Coast Mountain Brewing aims to do; bring something new and interesting into an area where craft brewing has been accepted by locals and visitors alike. As one of the newest members of the Whistler craft breweries community, this micro brewery intends to add something new and better to the seemingly congested market.




Coast Mountain Brewing is the brainchild of the Winter family. Launched just recently in the late summer of 2016, this Function Junction micro brewery has been in the works for a number of years. The founder, and head brewer Kevin Winter began his journey in the craft brewing world washing floors and moved up the hierarchy to become head brewer before deciding to move on and chase a dream of owning a micro-brewery. His main goal was to use his honed skills in crafting top brews that could be enjoyed by locals and visitors alike. Like other Whistler craft breweries, this small craft beer brewing operation aims to bring together the local community in the enjoyment of quality locally made beer.




In the late summer of 2016 Coast, Mountain Brewing opened its doors to local and visiting craft beer enthusiasts. The micro brewery aims to provide patrons with tasty craft beers in a region where numerous Whistler breweries already exist. The facility is designed to produce North American-inspired beers with plans to expand their focus and produce traditional brews inspired by European brewing methods and practices. A barrel program is already on the way to ensure that this growth is realised as soon as possible.




While visiting this micro brewery on one of our Whistler brewery tours, you will be able to sample their interesting variety of beers. The brewery offers three permanent beers on their taps throughout the year. Furthermore, the brewer intends to offer seasonal varieties as well as interesting collaborations with other brewers in the region. During the visit, you can be sure that there will be something special waiting for you in their tasting room. It is also worth mentioning that their tasting room is designed to provide both locals and visitors with a one of a kind experience given the relaxing atmosphere.


Coast Mountain Brewing Co craft beers can be found in local resorts, restaurants, pubs and liquor stores. However, it is worth noting that although you can still enjoy the exceptional quality brews wherever you choose, it is only through our Whistler brewery tours can you get a firsthand experience of what goes into the brewing process here.