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Strathcona Holiday Party
Corporate Holiday Parties

We would love to host your group in one of our local cities:

  • Vancouver (And Lower Mainland)
  • Victoria
  • Nanaimo (Including Parksville & Duncan)
  • Kelowna (Yes, we pickup in West Kelowna)
  • Penticton
  • Whistler (One way to Whistler or staying in Whistler)
  • Squamish

Holiday parties should be Social time for the employees and is one of the best ways to improve productivity since the colleagues get to socialize and know each other better. If you want to boost your "Holiday party planning skills" here are some tips that would go a long way in helping you.



Use our simple holiday planning 5 question guide to get you started:

  1. Start with a rough number for your group 10, 20? 60?
  2. Choose your desired time line (1.5, 2, 3 or 4 hours)
  3. Does your group love Beer, spirits or both?  Yes, we have great food options and wine/cider available too
  4. Will your group need transportation (We can pick you up in our minibus's)
  5. Level of Education, we can keep this to 20 minutes at one venue or 20 at 3 venues.


The best holiday parties are the ones that are planned in good time. You should start with the basics and communicate the venue, date and the time of the party. The location is one of the essential factors that will make or break the party. Consider different holiday party ideas to come up with the type of party that will help the company achieve its objectives. Get a venue that is appealing, and at the mention of it, the employees feel excited.



Tip: Plan for a meal

Like mentioned above, one of the main aspects of a great holiday party is having the time set. The starting time of the party will determine what meals will be served. If guests are to arrive before 6pm, there should be arrangements to have dinner served, but if it is after 7pm, you could use light refreshments. If you intend to host a casual party, have meats, fruits, dips and other items for the guests.




The best holiday parties will have different types of drinks served. In your planning, you should have a budget for the drinks, especially alcohol. A good holiday party is one that allows people to drink as much as they can, but with a corporate party, this needs to be controlled.  With a brewery tour, all the drinks are included.


Forms of Entertainment

Tip) Choose a MC for special announcements

There are so many holiday party ideas that you can use to make the party entertaining. You should engage the employees and give them some roles so that they can look forward to being part of the great holiday party. Have someone MC, another one play the music and others coordinating the party, and so on. You can have some games and other activities that will allow the employees to socialize and not behave like they are in an office meeting.




One of the things that suck is having invitations not reach everyone in the company. Some feel left out, and at times, it is a genuine mistake. You should consider using the channel of communication that is common in the office. Use several channels so as to ensure everyone gets the invitation. Having everyone on-board is one of the ways to have a great holiday party.

Here are BC Brewery tours for $5/person we can send out invitations via email for your group with all the information so you will not need to.


Tip) As you are busy preparing for the party, ask for some feedback on the previous party and find out what needs to be done better to make it a great holiday party for every employee.