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Cumberland Brewing

A Review of Cumberland Brewing


If you look closely on the Vancouver Island Brewery Map, you will discover this brewery house at Courtenay, a place that is still within Vancouver Island but a lot smaller.  But the size of the Courtenay doesn’t stop them from having their own brewery after all, Vancouver will not be called the haven of craft breweries if a tiny place does not have their own brewpub.  The inviting ambiance of the Cumberland Brewing is the thing that you will notice first when you visit the Nanaimo Breweries.  They have a large noticeable sign with a sign that great things await you here.  You will enter the place on to the side of the structure wherein it has a huge patio.  The front side of the building has a door that is only being opened during delivery and for air circulation.


A Tour inside the Cumberland Brewing


When you get inside the Cumberland Brewing, you will notice their tiny lounge where all their amazing beers are in display together with some sumptuous delicacy that will complement the taste of the craft beer.  It is just too amazing to see that a tiny town can have the craft breweries with a patio and a tasting lounge that is packed.  The staffs are accommodating and friendly, and the place has a strong sense of community which makes the ambience inside the brewpub truly relaxed and uplifting.  You will definitely find yourself having a great conversation with people you just meet.


Like most of the Nanaimo Breweries, the main brewery is situated at the tasting room.  The tasting room of Cumberland Brewing is located right in the place where you are sitting and enjoying your bottle of beer.  It is a great time to watch how they brew their cask while having a taste of their beer with fruity aroma and a mild taste with a lingering flavour.  In case you find yourself within the area, it wouldn’t hurt to see Cumberland Brewing in the tiny portion of the Vancouver Island Brewery Map.


Those who just recently found out about the place are more than satisfied that they did.  The atmosphere was more than you can hope for and their craft beer is incredible.  The items on their menu matches their offerings, and they will even recommend the perfect pairings for your beer and I highly advice that you follow their recommendation.


It is a perfect place where you can spend the entire day with your friends.  The patio offers a very comfortable place for drinking especially during summer season.  However, be sure to plan ahead since the place can get too crowded some time.  Try to take home a bottle or a growler and experience the high-quality taste of their craft breweries.