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Faculty Brewing Big Group

Faculty Brewing:  An Intimate Brewery from Brewery Creek


Faculty Brewing is situated at Ontario Street in an intimate and cosy brewpub in the busiest routes in Vancouver.  This brewery can still be considered a beginner in this industry since they just opened their business last August of 2016.  The owners of the place are eager to serve the crowd of beer enthusiasts in Vancouver, and they are hoping that their dedication and passion in this business will be enough to capture the attention of the major beer-lovers in Brewery Creek.


An In-Depth Tour at Faculty Brewing


The head brewer and the owner of the place named Mauricio Lozano is also an instructor which is reflected on the way they named their craft beers.  The easy drinking will fall under the 100 series, and the challenging beers are mostly in 700 series.  Other beers in the Vancouver Brewery listing can be found around the middle.


The brewpub is quite small which allows them to serve only a limited amount of drinkers but the experience is definitely worth it.  Visiting this place for a few drinks of beer or stopping for a quick tasting flight will do justice due to the exquisite taste of their craft beers.  They initially launched with only 4 craft beers in their selection and the numbers will increase as they plan to develop more fresh and aromatic beers in Brewery Creek as time goes by.


For those who are touring the Vancouver breweries, you will really notice that it is really small.  At the back of the building, you will see the tanks and the fermenters located at the right portion.  The beers are served right out of the bright tanks which gives their refreshing taste.  They also have a grain mill enough for a small portion of grain needed for their craft beers.


But the intimate size of the brewery does not affect the service that they provide.  Their approachable service creates a very personal ambiance in this small brewery; it is as if that you are drinking your beer in the comfort of your house together with a few close friends.  It is also an informative experience as the owners of the pub are more than willing to share information on how the Vancouver Breweries are creating their delicate tasting beer.  Truly, this is one of the best conversations that you will ever have when it comes to beer.


It is very essential that you pay the Faculty Brewing in Brewery Creek a visit if you want to put your beer drinking into a new level.  It s a whole new take on Vancouver Breweries that allows you to have a comprehensive understanding about craft beer.  A nice conversation while we are drinking some of the best craft beers that we experienced in Vancouver.