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Forbidden Brewing

Nanaimo and North Island Breweries 

 Be sure to try the Pac-man at Forbidden Brewing

When looking for the best craft beers in Vancouver, have a look at the Vancouver Island Brewery map. Checking on the map is very important if you are to find the best brewery to visit. It’s more fun when you are with like-minded people that love beer and are open to new opportunities. One of the best to visit is the Forbidden Brewing. This small brewery gives you a chance to explore your limits. It offers a serene environment and great craft beer that has kept many people going back. Despite its size, you are guaranteed a great experience. 


Touring the Forbidden Brewing is a great way to learn how it operates, its history and a range of its beers. For your convenience, it operates from noon all the way to the late hours. It makes a great choice for those looking for fun and a great way to spend their evenings from Wednesday to Sunday. Being one of the greatest craft breweries, you are assured of a goodtime with friends while sipping on some great craft beers. The staffs are friendly, and you can ask them any question related to the breweries.


There are varieties of craft beer that you can choose from. This is a great chance for you to explore your beer limits and the best thing is that there are some seasonal beers that keep changing. What more could you ask for apart from a brewery that gives you options. The Forbidden Pale Ale and the Forbidden IPA are some of the best craft beers at Forbidden Brewing.  There is a tasting lounge where you can sample the available beers.


In Nanaimo Breweries, you will find you get an amazing experience that will make you a great enthusiast of the art of brewing and craft beer. It is very likely that you will discover a taste that you have never. You appreciate the effort of the brewers more especially when you visit the Forbidden Brewing.


To learn all there is about the Forbidden Brewing when you explore the Vancouver Island Brewery map, you can have an idea of what it’s all about and its location. It’s a great start to familiarise you with this small but amazing brewery.


Great Chance to Learn About Craft Breweries at the Forbidden Brewing


For those that have only heard about craft breweries and craft beers, heading to Forbidden is a great way to satisfy your curiosity. You will learn about the craft beer and even have a chance to sample varieties. This gives you a chance to indulge in what the locals love and also meet new friends as well as learn about the latest introductions.