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Gladstone Brewing

Gladstone Brewing Company and its Services


Gladstone Brewing has pursued professionalism and expertise to bring forth some of the excellent brews that make people feel refreshed. Nanaimo Breweries has an aim of producing legendary brews that it can share with the community that enjoy together. Every brewing move they make is geared towards customer satisfaction. This brewing company has been in the brewing industry for long, and through the experience, they are able to manufacture Pacific Northwest Ales and Belgian Ales and many other brands. It is truly a company that people can drink with a lot of fan because it is enhanced with a lot of entertainment accessories like music and events. This brewing company has also been serving people at wholesale stock so that they can go and sell at their bars and restaurants.


Top Brands that People Can Drink


Imperial Lager


This is enhanced by San Diego Super Yeast. It is a punch fruity lager with a blood orange appearance. Tropical fruits are blended in the recipes making it to have a mild bitterness that makes the drink want more and more. Its carbonated body makes the bitterness to settle at the back the tongue which makes drinkers to feel the fruity smell and enjoy the drink to the maximum. Australian Ella, summer, and American Columbus are among the malts that are added to the beer.




This is a superior brand that has 6.6 percent ABV content in it. It has strong malts including the Canadian Pale, Wheat Malt, North American Vienna Malt, and Crystal Malt which makes it unique and strong. Its hops are one of a kind that makes the sweet smell remain in your mouth as the bitterness slides down the stomach. It is also enhanced with tropical fruits which make it one of the aromatic copper appearing brands that many people always like to drink. Gladstone brewing is by far the best brewing company that has produced excellent brands for a long time.

Other excellent brands from the company include the porter, pilsner and Belgian single. All these beers can be either hand crafted or manufactured depending on the preference of the drink.


Besides brewing, Gladstone brewing company offers the best meeting point where people can hold birthday parties and other type of parties. Every venue is well maintained to ensure that people can enjoy in a high-class standard. All events are enriched with meals as ordered by the part owner. Before holding a party, you would be required to book early so that everything gets arranged for you. The venue would be well pimped with the necessary utilities to ensure that you hold your party in a special style. Use the Vancouver Island Brewery map to find the best places where you can hold your party.