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Howe Sound Brewing


Drinking beer is a universal habit, and you will find a bar in almost every part of the world. Surprisingly, the craft beers have become quite popular, and more people seem to be inclined towards the traditional recipes of craft beers. There are so many Whistler craft breweries, with most of them having a bar, where revellers can come for a drink. With the common Whistler brewery tours, you will get to see how companies like Howe Sound Brewing are using creativity and innovation to produce great beer for their customers.


The Whistler craft breweries have become quite popular, and there are many which have started out a hobby. You can learn a whole lot about crafting beers using your unique recipes and creativity. One thing that you will need to produce beer is malt, which is usually obtained from wheat or barley. The malt is then macerated at various temperatures so as to produce wort. This is then filtered, cooked and finally fermented with yeast. The Whistler brewery tours will reveal all these. When the beer is left to rest for a number of days, this is what Howe Sound Brewing Company offers as crafted beer.


With the tons of Whistler craft breweries coming, there are so many different types of beer that are produced. Some of the common types include:


  • Larger: When you go on Whistler brewery tours, you will learn that is beer that is fermented at low temperatures. This is the most common type of beer that is produced by most Whistler breweries. They can either be dark or light, colour, depending on the other ingredients used.
  • Ale: This is fermented at higher temperatures, and when they are bottled by Whistler craft breweries, they are usually pale in colour and have a sweet and fruity taste.
  • Combo: These are mixed creations by Whistler craft breweries, where Ale and lager are mixed by the brewers. There will be different portions used to come up with a great beer.


Why Craft Beer Stands Out


Howe Sound Brewing has mastered the art of producing craft beer, which is so much different from the industrial beers. The main difference is the origin of ingredients and the overall quality. The detailed process by Whistler breweries to produce will ensure that only the best quality is served. During brewery tours, you will notice that in some cases, Howe Sound uses native and exotic ingredients so as to give varied tastes and flavours to the beer. Some of the common ingredients used include rose petals, herbs, pepper, caramel, citrus aromas and different fruits among others.


The good thing with craft beers is that they are not pasteurized, and as a result, they can last for a very long period of time. The natural fermentation by Whistler breweries makes craft beers have less gas than the industrial beers.