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Kelowna Brewery Trail – For the Ultimate Kelowna Brewery Tour

Kelowna is well known for producing great wines, especially with several acres of immaculate vineyards and wineries. However, the area is currently fast rising as the home of excellent beers. With recent increase in demand for unique craft beer, the area has seen the emergence of many Kelowna breweries. In fact, the Kelowna craft beer industry now accounts for roughly 20% of the entire British Columbia beer market.


If you enjoy craft beer, then going on a Kelowna brewery tour is simply a must. There are plenty of top quality microbreweries in the area, with each offering diverse samples of beer for all enthusiasts of craft beer. Here are some of the top Kelowna breweries included in this exciting trail:


Tree Brewing


One of the leading Kelowna breweries, Tree Brewing is located near Lake Okanagan and is committed to promote the passion of craft beer. Besides an on-site craft brewery, there is a large tasting room and a well-stocked beer shop. If you want to learn more about Kelowna craft beer and how it is produced, then you can take the beer classroom here as well. The beer selection is also quite impressive, with some limited release batches directly from the tanks and into your growler or glass.


Big Surf Brewing


Another key part of Kelowna brewery listing is Big Surf Brewing, and it is distinctively named after the big waves in the Okanagan Lake. Led by a highly experienced and award-winning brew master, Wolfgang Hoess, the brewery translates top quality Kelowna craft beer into affordable prices. You can tell that there is a sincere love for creating great tasting beer here.


BNA Brewery


BNA Brewery is housed in a building that deep roots in the long history of the town, dating back to the 19th century. In your Kelowna brewery tour of this particular brewery, you will notice that they have honoured the history of this building and they consider as part of their amazing team. Besides the Kelowna craft beer, BNA also offers a variety of delicious meals and custom cocktails.


Mill Creek Brewery


The Mill Creek Brewery id s micro-brewpub that offers well-crafted, top notch Kelowna craft beer that is brewed on-site by a skilled brew master. It is located in an unpretentious location in a comfortable and welcoming atmosphere. The beer is available on tap just like other Kelowna breweries, which makes for a great social session of learning more about craft beer.


Ketle River Brewery Co


Also part of the Kelowna brewery tour, the cosy Ketle River Brewery is very welcoming and feels laid back. If you love experimenting with craft beer, you will enjoy the fact there is always a new beer every week. There is enough space inside the premises for beer tasting, including a couple of tables outside. It is definitely worth checking out in your tour of Kelowna breweries.


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