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Kettle River Welcome

Kettle River Brewing Co


Kelowna is lined by an amazing landscape. This part of Canada is also home to a variety of wineries, with vineyards lining the sprawling countryside. Apart from the wine scene, Kelowna also has an interesting craft beer industry. However, Kettle River Brewery Co promises to bring, locals and visitors alike, a whole new craft beer experience. As one of the top Kelowna breweries, this mini brewery promises to keep craft beer enthusiasts on their toes as far as enjoying great tasting, out of this world brews crafted by a passionate and dedicated crew.




Kettle River Brewery is definitely one of the new entrants into the Kelowna Brewery listing. However, the founders of this mini brewery have huge plans meant to revolutionise the low profile craft beer scene in the area. Straight from the jump, this mini brewery was launched to simply transform the local craft brewing scene. As such, the brewers are continuously working on producing a variety of top quality craft beers with a different taste and quality to what locals and visitors have become accustomed to. This brewery produces relatively small quantities of a variety of craft beers to provide patrons with the most intriguing drinking experience.

Kettle River Front Counter




As previously stated, the Kettle River Brewery is a mini brewery. The brewers have designed an operation that produces a wide variety of ever-changing craft beers meant to give patrons a broader selection of options as compared to what they have been used to in the past. At any one time, the mini brewery has more than a dozen different beers available to patrons. This is because they use a facility made up of about 16 distinct, 200-litre batches. Furthermore, this Kelowna craft beer facility also has 24 barrels of wine.  This gives them the resources they need to experiment with different craft beer recipes for a one of a kind offering.


A food truck is also on hand to ensure that patrons have something to eat as they indulge in their favourite brews.




During our Kelowna Brewery tour, you will be able to sample the wide variety of craft beers at this one-of-a-kind mini brewery. The founders use the Kettle River as an inspiration when it comes to crafting their variety of beers. Just as the river flows through different stages, guided by the local terrain, so varies the craft beer offering at this Kelowna craft beer facility. You will find everything from light ales to heavy options, and everything else in between, plus some surprises as well.


The craft beer scene has seen so many entrants over the last few years. The fact that most brewers offer a similar set up might have made things seem a bit stale. However, Kettle River Brewery Co has come to shake things up and refresh the experimental nature of craft brewing. You can experience this firsthand during one of our Kelowna Breweries tour.

Kettle River Barrel