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Longwood Brewery – A Great Choice


Now, the Longwood Brewery is without a doubt amongst the best place to enjoy refreshing and perfectly brewed ale. It’s nestled in the heart of the island of Vancouver, and even though it doesn’t have its own ingredient production line, the Longwood Brewery has managed to partner up with local farmers in order to grow and malt barley of superior quality as well as hops. In any case, this is without a doubt amongst the most impressive Nanaimo Breweries, and it comes with a true variety of options on the menu.


The Tasting Room


Of course, a great brewery is always characterised by its tasting room, and the one of Longwood Brewery definitely lives up to the name. In any case, as soon as you manage to walk in that room, you are certainly going to see the exact reason for which the venue is given this name. This is because there are featured locally-crafted surfboards which are made out of cedar. The Zebrawood bar is particularly impressive, and it’s definitely something that’s going to catch your attention and attribute to the island atmosphere.


The Accent


The accent in the tasting room of Longwood Brewery is split between the beautiful and perfectly thematic posters plastered on the wall as well as the truly impressive, custom made out of stainless steel 6-tap growler bar. It comes with 6 taps, and it’s definitely something which is going to impress. Regardless of whether you are a regular or a first-timer, you can feel free to go ahead, pull up a stool and sample the rich Longwood Brewery sample line of extraordinary ales.


Now, being a comprehensive and particularly enjoyable Nanaimo Brewery, the venue is also easy to access. It’s located just off the parkway of Nanaimo. One of the most important things that shouldn’t be underestimated in a venue of the kind is the staff and the overall attitude. Well, it goes without saying that the staff here is friendly as well as particularly out-going, impressing you with immense knowledge of every item which is included on the menu.


The Verdict


If you are looking for a great Nanaimo Brewery, this one is without a doubt amongst the leaders in the industry. With this in mind, you will be pleased to find out the variety of different options in terms of refreshing craft beer manufactured specifically for you. There is always unique beer which is always available only at the growler bar that we mentioned above. It’s a perfect venue; that’s for sure.