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Luppolo Brewing Tour

Luppolo Beer Brewing Company


If you want to enjoy high-quality beer in excellent environments that rhymes with beer quality, consider visiting the Luppolo Brewing Company. The company has well-experienced professionals who ensure that every recipe they make is meant to showcase excellent malts and hops blends that would be pleasing to the drinker. Every drink is tested in the tasting room to ensure that it is within standards before being served to people. Whether you are looking for handcrafted beer, on-site brewed beer or manufactured beer, this is the best place to visit. This Vancouver brewing company serves both single and a large group of people.


You Can Tour the Place


In case you want to tour the place, there are a lot of fancy activities that you can do as well as breathtaking lounges where you can relax. Well-cooked delicious meals are available supplemented with traditional wines and refreshment. Before you go for tour, you need to contact Luppolo Brewing Company so that they make the necessary arrangements for you and your group. You would be able to see the vine yards and get direct history of how it started until it reached where it is currently. Tasting of the various beers would epitomise the enjoyment of the tour, and a lot of discounts are going to be offered when buying beers.


Beers Available in the Luppolo Brewing Company


Double IPA


This brand is highly hopped with five hops but still maintains and displays a wonderful taste and aroma. These hops are Citra, Simcoe, Cashmere, Mosaic and Triple Perle which are known to make the beer fulfilling and compelling at all times. To add on to aromatic sweet tasting nature, pilsner and Munich malts are added on to it. This is one of the great blends that Vancouver craft breweries are acknowledged for. It has a low level of bitterness makes the beer high drinkable to even the new drinkers.




With notes of spice, bubble gum, apple and pear, this beer has a tendency of being ordered by every drinker who enters into beer stores. It’s a light bodied brand that is made from Saaz, Styrian and Goldings hops making a special character that everyone has a reason to like it. Blaugies is the yeast that is used in making this brand which makes sweet and refreshing.


There are many yeast crafted beers available in Luppolo brewing stores. Every beer is made with classic mixture of malts and hops to ensure that it becomes wonderful and compelling to the drinker. Drinkers can always ask for a small taste of every brand before they buy a whole pack. Some of the other brands include Robust Porter, Pale Ale, New World Sour, West Coast Farm House Ale and DUNKLEWEIZEN.