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Mill Creek Brewery and the Beer Type it Produces


Mill Creek Brewery is one of the few excellent beer brewing companies that have continued to amaze people through their competent and satisfactory beer brands. Through its experienced professionals, the company has mastered the art of combining malts and hops to produce aromatic and different tasting beers to please the beer enthusiasts. They are known to utilise both traditional and international malts and hops to produce microbrews that satisfy everyone. Every beer is tasted before being allowed to reach the drinker to verify its standards so that people can drink it perfectly.


Events Available


As one of the legendary Kelowna Breweries, Mill creek is responsible of hosting, organising and handling events. Every event is always perfect and unique because it would be enriched with the necessary requirements to make it wonderful and enjoyable. You arrange for your tours to come and have free view of the vineyards, affordable beers and beer brand tasting. The place is open Monday to Sunday except during holidays so people should consider this when booking for a tour or event. Confirm the charges before you book for a tour or an event. That would be good to ensure that you don’t land into financial constraints when at the event or tour.


Types of Beers Available


Lil Darling


This is a light-bodied Kelowna Craft Beer that has a pleasant citrus touch which everyone can like. It is very smooth and super refreshing with its orange appearance. Drinkers feel the floral aroma that it yields and they end up feeling to take more and more of it. Though very complex in making, it is a satisfying brand that everyone should taste.


Land Mark


This is a German style sparkling Kelowna Brewery listing that you cannot let go when you sip once due to its excellent refreshing effect. Drinking it while, on the move makes you energised and rejuvenated making you to feel good always. The other brand that is a synonym to this one is the Silo brand which happens to be the most fulfilling brand at all times. Silo is sweet, aromatic, fruity and spicy which makes it an ultimate choice to even those who are drinking for the first time.




This is a brand that is made from Tropical and Citrusy hops which makes it hard for drinkers to leave because of its refreshing effect. It has an alcohol percentage of 4.5% and it comes with an IBU of 60. It is sweet and fulfilling when you take it while enjoying with friends. Just carry extra, this brand is always nice on the tongue and real to your drinking feelings.