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Moon Under Water Flight

Victoria & South Island Craft Breweries


When you are in Victoria, you definitely need to taste Victoria Craft Beer which has become a favourite for both tourists to the city and the locals. It’s a type of traditional beer that is inspired by a tradition that dates back ages ago and will keep you going back for more. As a tourist in the city who wants to taste this well-prepared beer, you need to head to Moon under Water which is one of the best craft beer pubs in the city. As a visitor, you may not know what to expect, but the best part is that the staffs are friendly and ready to give you tips on what is available. It is one of the best experiences you will experience during your tour.


The best way to enjoy your craft beer is to pair it with some quality local delicacies. You can select from soups, sandwiches, tacos, salads and appies among others. Do not forget to have a desert prepared with creativity which goes down very well with a bottle of beer. The reasonable prices, the ambience and the varieties that the busy pub offers are what make it to be one of the best Victoria breweries. It’s a great place to spend an afternoon or have dinner.  You may also check out on the offers that take place at some specific hours throughout the week.


Type of Victoria Craft Beers That You Can Sip At the Moon under Water


At the Moon under Water pub, there are varieties you can choose from as you sit comfortably in a serene environment. You can select from the menu or talk to a staff. If you are looking for a beer with a velvety taste, you can never go wrong with the Weizenbock. Other craft beers include the saison and as a result of the pubs’ with an award-winning brewer known as Dave Janssen you can enjoy the ambience of Victoria while sipping on Tempus Corvi. Creativity in preparing their craft, dedication and the need to make the customers happy is what has contribute to this classy pub being one of the most visited Victoria BC breweries.


It’s quite amazing and satisfying to have a taste of the famous Goldamsel. This is a limited edition type of craft beer that offers an aromatic and sweet essence due to the use of peach and apricot during its production. This is a must have, and its history is quite amazing. It’s a sour beer but still sweet with a fruity taste. During its production, it’s aged in oak and takes years to mature. This is the creativity and dedication you get at the Moon under Water.