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Off The Rail

Off the Rail Brewing:  Decent and Easy Drinking Craft Beer


For those who think that the local brewery scene in Vancouver has finally calmed, another brewery placed will be opened.  One of the most recent Vancouver craft breweries would be Off the Rail Brewing that is situated at Adanac Street.  It is located not far away from other breweries such as Bomber Brewing and Strange Fellows.  These adjoining breweries might just turn this area into a hottest spot in the eastern portion of Vancouver.


A Quick Tour Inside the Off the Rail Brewing


Upon walking inside this Vancouver Brewery, you will instantly notice adequately-sized tasting rounds.  It has a lounge and a tasting room where you will get to enjoy some of their local craft beers.  Off the Rail Brewing opened its business last 15th of February, 2015.  It was an intimate opening which was attended only by limited people since it is held on a Sunday.  The business then announced the opening of the brewery on their social media account on Tuesday.  They have a huge selection of beer and the IPA that has a low bitterness and resembles the taste of an English IPA.


Off the Rail Brewing is currently opening their brewing house to the public.  Anyone who wants to enjoy the sight of how their brewing takes place can join the guided tour.  The house is equipped with a 20-hectoliter framework which is definitely a good system.  The grain that is being used are stored in the Mezzanine, the grains will be milled and will be directly sent into the Vancouver brewery house.   They are also properly equipped with tanks that are primarily used for their Pilsners and Lagers.  This brewery is planning to have a steady supply of pilsners and lagers that is apparently missing in the local brewery industry of Vancouver.


The ambiance that you will feel when you stay in this Vancouver brewery is quite peculiar.  It actually feels like a wine bar as opposed to the traditional brewery house.  Probably due to the music playing on the background that is mostly jazz.  The place is quite clean which highlights the management’s commitment to professionalism.  The staffs are friendly and easy to deal with.  This place normally has more beers compared to the other surrounding brewery house.  One thing I love about their product is that everything is properly and prominently marked.


If you are planning to take a break during the weekend, stop in this section and take a look at the Vancouver craft breweries in this area.  The people in this area especially in Off the Rail Brewing are very friendly.  I am really sure that you will have a good time drinking the beers that they offer here.