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The Parallel 49 Brewing


Passion is what drove to the founding of the Parallel 49 Brewing in Vancouver. The founders had long been enthusiasts of craft beer and home brewers. Their growing together and passion is what has seen the success of the company. The brewery is a unique part of the Vancouver Craft Breweries offering varieties from barrel-aged, seasonal to beers that are available all year round. It is a haven for beer lovers.


All Year Round Craft Beer Available At Parallel 49 Brewing


A pale, well-balanced and refreshing beer is what everyone needs, and the Pale Ale Woobly Pop from Parallel 49 Brewing will give you just that. It has a grapefruit and orange flavour from the Northwest hops, the juicy peach flavour is from yeasts used during fermentation, and the balancing is achieved by use of caramel malts. It is a beer you can have anytime when you visit this Vancouver Brewery.


The Bodhisattva, a Seasonal Beer at Parallel 49 Brewing


Just like other Vancouver craft breweries, the parallel 49 brewing has its seasonal craft beer designed with creativity. The Bodhisattva with a dry-hopped sour is a great example. It’s made of pilsner and wheat among other natural ingredients.


Barrel Aged Craft Beer


If you prefer taking barrel-aged beer, the Sour While Ale will go down well with you. It’s prepared with care for over a year aging in French Chardonnay barrels. The flavourful, complex beer from this Vancouver brewery is bright sour and is a favourite to even the first timers. It’s made from wheat, oak, Brett and juicy pear for its rich, smooth taste.


What Is Offered On Tap In Parallel 49 Brewing?


It feels great to taste a beer right from its source. At parallel 49 brewing, once you learn about its productions, you will have a chance to sample craft beers right from the tap. There is a board always indicating which beers are available for the day or for the hour. There is an option of having your beer right on the spot or having it while on the go. If you want to have yours while on the go, you should get a growler and fill it in this one of the Vancouver Craft Breweries.


Other Beers at the Vancouver Brewery


Other beers at Parallel 49 Brewing that you can choose from are Little Red Rooster and Lil Redemption. It takes 2 years 3 months to get this beer ready. For 2 years it is with sour bacteria and wild yeast in Cabernet Sauvignon Barrels while for 3 months it’s blended with sour cherries giving it a cherry sour taste. Little Red Rooster is low on alcohol and is also a must try.