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Phillips Brewery:  Quench Your Thirst with their Victoria Craft Beer


It is difficult to miss the Phillips Brewery when you visit Vancouver for their Victoria BC Breweries.  The success of this company has come a long way.  From its humble beginnings at the residential area of Matt Phillips, they are now operating at two locations and experiencing a steady growth.  Visitors who get a taste of their Victoria craft beer are more than satisfied by the experience.  Once you get a tiny sip on the beers that they offer to their customers, you will definitely know why they are receiving numerous commendations and recognitions from different associations.


A Quick Glance at the Victoria Craft Beer of Phillips Brewery


The brewery house went into business last 2001, the owner back then was unfinanced, so he decided to use his credit cards when purchasing his brewery equipment.   But that didn’t stop the passion and dedication of Matt Phillips in providing the rich and velvety taste of his Victoria craft beer.  They are offering their customers with 8 beers on an annual basis; Surly Blonde-Triple, Phoenix Gold-Lager, Blue Buck, Amnesiac Double-IPA, Longboat Double-Chocolate, Slipstream Cream, IPA and the Black Toque.  Their best seller would undoubtedly be the Blue Buck.  They also sometimes offered a seasonal beer at least one a month.


The Amnesiac Double IPA is brewed at 8.5%abv and can be enjoyed back home through a 22oz bottle with an image of an elephant on the bottle.  The aromatic essence of the Amnesiac is a muted mango with a touch of peach and a slight hint of bread malt.  The caramel flavour of the Victoria craft beer provides that wood bitter flavour.  The taste is truly refreshing and a perfect beer during the summer.


The Black Toque is incredibly dark ale that is packed with intricate flavour and the delicious taste of hop.  It is beyond the simplistic dark ale that you normally experience in other Victoria BC Breweries.  It is definitely recommended for individuals who truly appreciate the authentic taste of the beer with a rich and edgy flavour.  Long Boat Double Chocolate, on the other hand, gives this velvety and chocolaty flavour that delivers a huge chocolaty aroma that is followed by the well-balanced taste and a mild presence of the chocolate.


The seasonal Vancouver craft beer that they offered monthly is as exciting and flavourful as their mainstay.  I will guarantee that you will be returning every month just to taste their seasonal offerings that have a distinct flavour from the rest but also has that signature rich-taste of the Phillips beer.  If that is not enough to make you visit this area, their sumptuous and mouth-watering cuisine that perfectly matches, their beers will surprise you.  If you are someone who loves beer, it is time for you to visit and enjoy the authentic taste of their beer.