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R&B Brewing Company


R&B Brewing is one of the innovative beer brewing companies that have continued to yield satisfactory beers made from excellent malts and hops. The company is known for its trusted and creatively crafted beers that yield a soothing effect to the drinkers. Using local and international ingredients, they have been able to produce excellent beers that suites everyone. They have excellent categories of brands that drinkers can choose from depending on their preferences. It is of no doubt among the leading Vancouver Breweries companies that many people have continued to source beers from.


Types of Beers Available


There are various categories of brews that Vancouver brewery listing has. They include the year-round brand, seasonal, limited releases, casks, Ciders, and Growlers. These brands have various types of brews which people can choose from, but they are all compelling and fulfilling.


Raven Cream Ale


This is a year around beer that is light-bodied and dark but very soothing and refreshing. It has nutty flavours and hints of chocolate which makes it very aromatic and pleasing before the tongue of the drinker. There all bottle sizes available which people can drink depending on what they can afford.


East Side Bitter


Another cool beer that boosts having North American malts and hops, it has a fruity aroma that has the best finishing on the tongue and nose of the drinker. Many like it due to its little bitterness that allows even the beginners to drink without any problem.


Red Deville Ale


This is another pride of Brewery Creek which is made from coppery red hued with a lot of hops and malts which it a floral aroma. Many people like it because it is a cool beer that gives people the complete refreshing effect. With an ABV of 5.2%, almost every drinker will find it friendly.


Organise Tours


R&B Brewing offers tours and events to make people always enjoy. When you would like to tour the company, you need to book early for proper arrangements to be made. You would be taken through the magnificent company premises and see how every beer is crafted. Tasting of the wines and beers would be a compulsory thing during the tour, so you need to be ready to face the taps. Visitors would be in a position to enjoy the mesmerising view of creek vineyards where all the ingredients are taken from. If you are a group, then you can have a meal for dinner or supper in the lavish brewing facilities. Everything is well arranged and planned to ensure that your tour to the brewing company is unforgettable.