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Your Ultimate Guide to the Victoria Craft Beer of Red Arrow Brewing


For those who want to experience the taste of the IPA made at the valley of Duncan, it is time for you to head at the Red Arrow Brewing.  It is the Duncan Brewery that is ideal if you want to have a quick taste or if you are planning to buy a couple of bottles or growler and take them with you outside and enjoy drinking it while marvelling at the commanding scenery on their patio.  The IPA being offered by Red Arrow comes with an inviting copper colour that will release a fruity and citrus aroma that has a mild sweet finish.


The Victoria Craft Beer of this Duncan Brewery


The moment you opened a bottle of Red Arrow IPA, you will notice that fruity and citrus aroma that is being released which is already refreshing.  Perhaps this is due to the considerable amount of Centennial Hops packed inside the bottle that granted its rich flavour that is too hard to resist.  This Victoria craft beer is one of those solid IPAs with the right bitter flavour and a mild sweet taste that is not overwhelming.  I can also have a tiny taste of crystal malt which really satisfies my experience.


Another regular addition on this Duncan Brewery would be the Piggy Pale-Ale.  This product was brewed with the collaboration of the Cowichan Bay Rugby Team and it was named and designed in honour of the sports club.  It uses pale malt as its base ingredient with an addition of West-Coast hop that creates that thirst quenching pale ale. This particular Victoria Craft beer is more on the lighter side, but you will still enjoy the taste of it.  It is quaffable, drinkable and packed with all the nice qualities that you can find in the West-Coast hop.  It has a lingering citrusy and fruity aroma just like their other ale and creates a clean and nice finish.


The Midnight Umber Ale of the Duncan Brewery has a deep ruby tone perhaps due to the brown sugar that burst into a fruity flavour and a mild scent of malt.  The aromatic flavour makes it quite enjoyable ale that is filled with exciting flavours that circulates in your mouth.  You might want to have a taste of this Victoria craft beer which is a great introduction to the huge Victoria BC breweries and make you look forward to having a taste of the other beer offered in the area.


Most of the product being offered by their Duncan Brewery is more on a lighter category, but that does not necessarily mean that you will not enjoy the experience.  Come and visit Red Arrow Brewing and indulge yourself in the better tasting beer in the land.