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Riot Brewing Co


Over the last few years, British Columbia has seen a surge in the number of craft brewing operations coming up. Victoria is one-half of the craft beer hotspots in the Province, with the other being Vancouver. Although the Victoria craft beer scene may seem congested in a way, there is always space for improvement as seen in the increasing number of new breweries each year. Riot Brewing Co is one of the latest additions to the growing list of Victoria breweries.


Read on below to find out more about this interesting craft beer facility, and get an idea of what to expect during our Victoria BC breweries tour.




Although this is one of the youngest additions to the ever growing list of Victoria breweries, Riot Brewing Co has been in the works for several years. Located in Chemainus British Columbia, the brewery was opened back in early 2016. The founders are lifelong partners Ralf Rosenke and Aly Tomlin. Between them, they have years of experience in the craft beer brewing industry. Tomlin worked for years as a head brewer in R&B Brewing Co, while the partner Rosenke, boasts of having years of experience when it comes to drinking craft beer. Together they make a formidable team that knows what craft beer enthusiasts enjoy. 




This micro brewery aims to bring the craft beer experience to the Chemainus area, with a reasonable variety of different craft beers, and a one of a kind experience. Upon opening, the craft beer maker offered three different craft beers in six-pack cans. This variety has grown over the few months they have been in operation, with seasonal brews and special edition varieties being added. Victoria craft beer enthusiasts can now enjoy a new offering of beers from the Riot Brewing Co’s on-site patio and lounge; and get to meet the charming brewery dogs, Banjo, Otis, and Rusty!




During our Victoria BC Breweries tour, you will be able to get the opportunity to sample their variety of beers. It is worthwhile that you have an idea of what to expect. This ensures that you don’t leave out any interesting varieties during the tasting. The micro brewery plans to offer 3 different craft beers in cans while 2 more will be available in bombers with a capacity of 650 ml. seasonal and limited edition varieties will also be available in 650 ml bombers. Sour and barrel aged beers will also be on available. 


Riot Brewing Co entered a highly populated industry with the goal of offering something new to craft beer enthusiasts, both local and visitors. You can visit this micro brewery through our Victoria BC breweries tours and get to experience exactly what the founders had in mind.