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Vancouver Shuttle Hire

Convenient and Efficient Form of Transportation during Your Tours with Shuttle Hire


For those who are planning to join the guided brewery tour of Canadian Craft and BC Brewery Tour, the management will guarantee that you will have a convenient transportation that will pick you up from your place and take you directly into the event.  With the help of Vancouver Shuttle Hire, a premium transportation service in Canada, we have devised a package plan that will ensure your comfort.   We understand that most people who join our tours are looking for ways on how to make their trip more efficient.  By providing you with a premium shuttle hire service, you can guarantee that this brewery tour will be one for the books.


What to expect With Our Shuttle Hire Service


We have the capacity to provide you a wide-range of vehicle that will accommodate the entire group comfortably.  The shuttle has a 14-seater capacity where a large group can fit perfectly.  Furthermore, we have the latest model of Ford Transit which means that we do not only provide comfort, but you will also arrive on the event with style.  Experience an executive transportation through the shuttle service that we provide.  We make sure that every shuttle is clean, well-maintained and comprehensively checked before we deploy them.


In case you want us to pick you the moment you arrive at the airport, we can also make a special arrangement for you.  Our drivers are knowledgeable about the local routes which mean that you will reach your destination at the right time.  We guarantee that your strict schedule will be followed.  With your guided tour, we understand that you have at least 1-2 venues that you need to cover; our system will adjust our schedule in order to meet your demands.


Our Unmatched Efficiency and Reliability


Here at Canadian Craft Tours and BC Brewery Tour, we have a reputation of being a reliable business and we are committed in upholding that.  The worst nightmare that you can possibly experience when you book with the other guided brewery tours would be late pick up which will cause you to miss your schedule.  But with us, you will never miss any of your schedules.  We will be there the moment you step out of your hotel which will ensure that you will be on time with your tour.


The vehicles that we provide are also well-maintained.  We make sure that every crucial part has been examined for efficiency before they were deployed.  This minimizes the possibility of experiencing an engine meltdown which can affect your tour.  The service that we provide can save you a hefty amount of time during your travel and will not excessively increase your expenses.  It is professionalism at its best.