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Storm Brewing

Storm Brewing in Vancouver Since 1995


There’s a storm brewing in Vancouver, and it is the type that you want to visit any time soon. The Storm Brewing has been part of the Vancouver brewery industry since 1995, making it the oldest independent craft brewery in the city.


Most of their brews are inspired by German and Belgian ales. Brewmaster James Walton is known for his sour beers that are aged for at least a year in oak barrels. One of the most interesting brews in the Vancouver brewery is the Imperial Flanders Red Ale, which has 11 percent alcohol per volume. It is definitely not for the faint of heart.


The secret to the success of Storm Brewing is the attitude of its brewmaster and the quality of the beers. James Walton is hands on with his approach. He does everything, from brewing, delivery, and answering phone calls.


History of Storm Brewing


The success of Storm Brewing was attributed to their good craft beers. Their first offering was the Red Sky All, which they introduced in the Vancouver market in 1995. It established the reputation of the Vancouver brewery as one of the best ones in the city. They are known to be innovators and producers of top quality craft beers.


For more than 20 years, Storm Brewing has been brought innovative craft beer to their customers. The brewery is one of the first ones in North America to make sour beer. And to ensure the freshness of their beers, they brew in small batches. The beers they make are free of any additive, unfiltered, and made from locally-sourced ingredients. And consumers can be sure that beers from the Vancouver brewery are always delicious.


If you want to taste Storm Brewing beers, then you can either visit the brewery on Commercial Drive; or order one of their craft beers from various pubs and fine restaurants around Vancouver. The brewery also offers kegs for private events.

The Storm Brewing Tour


Keep in mind that the brewery doesn’t have a tasting room or a lounge. When you walk through its doors, you will be right where the brewing is made. Visitors are welcome to sample up to six brews per visit. The samples are served one at a time in a plastic cup. While there’s no price tag for the sample tasting, Storm Brewing is asking a tip or cash donation in return.


The tour of the Vancouver brewery is very informal. There are only four workers, and they do everything, from making beer, washing tanks, answering the phone, and helping customers. The good news is that everyone is knowledgeable about the brewing process, and will be more than happy to answer inquiries about the process and the products. If you want to witness how the beers are made, then visit on a Wednesday. That’s the day when the brewmaster is at work.