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Strathcona Beer Company making the Difference


Several years ago, the Vancouver craft breweries were so few that they were hardly noticed. There were about 10 small brewers of craft beers and no one ever imagined that the industry would grow to what it is today. The big change came when the regulations about liquor were changed. The Vancouver brewery owners were allowed to have tasting rooms, where customers would take beer directly from the tap. However, the amount of liquor sold in the tasting rooms should not be more than 12-ounce, per customer.


When the cap was lifted, companies like Strathcona Beer Company found other channels to maximise profits and create awareness for the beers that they offer. The new changes in the bylaws made the region come to terms with the amazing craft beer. By 2014, there were 30 more, and it is speculated that by 2017 there would 100s of Vancouver craft breweries in the region.


The Strathcona Beer Company was founded on the basis of producing quality, fresh and premium beers. The company was formed by a group of friends who had a strong connection in the community. The love and appreciation of beer was also the main motivation to start the company. Being in the heart of Strathcona, this is one of Vancouver craft breweries that used world class facilities to make traditional beer.


For the discerning beer drinkers, they will appreciate all the quality beer products that this Vancouver brewery has to offer. Social development and individual creativity are enhanced by the brewery, with the aim of enhancing the bond in the community. Taking beer is one of the key interests in the region, and as such the company ensures that people will drink great beer and enjoy visiting the tasting room and even hold some events at the company’s premises.


Generally, Strathcona is a great neighbourhood where there is dedication among the residents to contribute to positive growth. With the introduction of the tasting room by the Strathcona Beer Company, local residents have a place where they can gather and share good times.


The Vancouver craft breweries are known to produce beer is small scale compared to the corporate breweries. Most of the Vancouver craft breweries are in this category and are owned by individuals. Some of the traits that are found in such microbreweries include an emphasis on flavour, brewing techniques, and exceptional quality.


Beer is very broad, and this makes it almost difficult for anyone to define craft beer. Most of the Vancouver craft breweries have found ways to make unique beers that have a personal touch. This is one of the characteristics that make craft beer unique in every sense of the word. The radical flavour and the creativity that has been introduced by the Vancouver craft breweries have made people fall in love with beer, all over again.