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Tree Brewing


Kelowna is one of the areas that have a whole lot of attractions to offer to the locals as well as visitors. One of the common trends that have become quite popular is the brewery tours. This gives people the opportunity to see how craft beer is made. Most people have resorted to craft beers and are avoiding industrial beer, which is continually produced in large volumes.


The Kelowna craft beer refers to beer that has been made by microbreweries. These are small Kelowna breweries that produce small amounts while striving to achieve uniqueness and bring in innovation in the process. Craft breweries are usually smaller and owned by individuals, unlike the commercial breweries.


There are so many breweries in the world, and there has been a steady growth in microbreweries. Kelowna breweries have been striving to give the locals the best quality of their favourite drink. In order to appreciate beer more, you should take a Kelowna brewery tour and learn how beer is brewed and the various ingredients that are used to produce quality beer.


Commercial beers are too common and will not have a differentiating factor like the Kelowna craft beer. The craft beers are made using creativity and innovation, and this is what has been appealing to beer lovers. There so many ingredients that are used in making Kelowna craft beer and this will give the beer unique taste and flavour.


Tree Brewing is one of the most popular Kelowna breweries and has been producing great beer since 1996. The brewery has been operating on the philosophy of making quality and memorable beer. All the Kelowna craft beer made at this brewery is crafted from malted barley, water, yeast and top notch hops. You can purpose to take a tour to the brewery to get first-hand lessons on how to make the traditional beer that tastes great.


During the Kelowna brewery tour, you will get to taste unfiltered beer from the tank, through the tap. You can make arrangements to go for a tour as a group and share your favourite drink while in Kelowna.

If you are among the people who are still stuck and do not know how to move from industrial beer to craft beer, the best way to start this is by taking a Kelowna brewery tour. Once you learn the brewing process and the various ingredients that are used in craft beer, you will never look back.


You can also choose to join a beer club that strictly samples, craft beer and this will give you a great channel to quit commercial beer and fall in love with Kelowna craft beer. There are so many flavours and unique styles of beer offered by Tree Brewing.