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A Quick Glance at Triumph Brewing


By now, you should already be aware that Metro Vancouver is considered as a haven of craft beer.  From Richmond up to Mission, you will discover lots of delivery trucks of brewpubs and local brewers.  One of the more recent additions to the growing industry of Vancouver Craft Breweries would be the Triumph Brewing.   The first thing that you will notice is about the way they served their customers.  The atmosphere inside will make you feel like you are in a 4-star restaurant however, the people inside makes the place welcoming and still comfortable.


A Comprehensive Review of Triumph Brewing


The ambiance of a luxurious restaurant is also highlighted by the staffs that work in Triumph Brewing.  The diction and verbiage of the hostess seems like she was so used into dealing with customers who have a delicate taste and an extreme refined palette.  You will then be lead to the dining area where you will get to enjoy some of the local craft beers and the local dishes that perfectly matches their brewery. Only then will you realised that you are in a Vancouver brewery house after all.


The dishes listed on the menu are priced reasonably, but in the end, we decided to try some of their craft beers.  Though the place is offering some mouth-watering delicacy, the beers remain as the star of the brew house.  The taste of the craft beer is truly exquisite and releases an earthy aroma that is refreshing, to say the least.  In addition, the host is knowledgeable and well-informed about the beers that they are serving.  It is truly horrifying to go inside a Vancouver Brewery only to find out that the host is clueless about the stuff that they are serving you.  Fortunately, we never experienced it in Triumph Brewing, and we will be returning here again soon.


Despite of the fact that the place is just a newbie in this industry, they really serve some of the best damn tasting craft beer in Vancouver.  The taste is inclining to the delicate flavour of the English beer with a mild bitter flavour.  Their selections of craft beers widely represent the cross-section of Vancouver craft breweries that you will truly adore.  Their careful selections of beers have diversified their list into an elevated degree.


With its luxurious and inviting vibe, we recommend anyone to visit the place.  It highlights an excellent setting and various entertainment choices that will put your beer drinking experience into a whole new level.  Triumph Brewing managed to deliver a phenomenal selection of beer at this early, we invite you to give it a try and share us your experience about the Vancouver Brewery.  The people are also friendly and accommodating, and I am quite sure that you will have an epic experience in this brewpub.