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Victoria Caledonia Beer Tour

Hop On Now to a Tour at Twa Dogs


When it comes to the different Victoria BC breweries, you will be delighted to discover that there are actually a lot of options that you can take into consideration. A lot of these Victoria Breweries do not just offer high-quality beers, but may also be booked for tasting sessions and private tours. One particular place where you can enjoy good Victoria Craft Beer is Twa Dogs. It is one of the most popular in the area.


Enjoying the Experience at Victoria Caledonia


Victoria Breweries is the home of the famous Twa Dogs beer. Since it was introduced, the reputation of this brewery has started to attract more and more attention. Aside from its amazing location, they also take pride in creating hand crafted beers, including spirits which come as a result out of years of continuous experimentation and research.


They also take pride in showing their distilling and brewing techniques, all of which are heavily rooted deeply in the Scottish tradition. They also work together with a highly competent team of makers of beers and whisky from different parts of the world, making sure that all of their products will meet the expectations of many.

Twa Dogs Beer Lineup

Whether you like bitter beer, or those that are just refreshing and light, you have the best option on Victoria Craft Beer available. For example, the Drouthy Neibor IPA is good for those who love the bitter taste of beer. On the other hand, if you love taste that is just refreshing and light, the Jolly Beggar’s Pale Ale is something that you definitely need to try.


On the other hand, for something that is quite unique as compared to regular commercial beers, you definitely have to taste the Mistress of My Soul Saison. You can expect a taste that is both fruity and spicy. This is one of those produced by Victoria a BC brewery that is bustling with natural energy and sexiness.


If you are planning to arrange a tour to Victoria Breweries, Twa Dogs is here to offer a helping hand. The brewery facility is home to the best tours of distilleries, breweries, cider houses sand wineries. Whether you are in a small group or a big one, you can request for a tour that will certainly match all of your needs. You may even consider these types of tours for organising bachelor parties.


All you need to do is to contact them in order to learn more about the packages that are available for you. Rather than preparing a simple gathering party, why not introduce a twist to the experience by exploring the world of Victoria Craft Beer through a tour to Victoria BC breweries?

Twa Dogs Brewery Tour 2