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Twin Sails Brewing

Twin Sails Brewing 

One of the newest Port Moody Breweries is Twin Sails Brewing. Twin Sails Brewing is owned by twin brothers Clay and Cody Allmin. The brewery is located in Port Moody. There is other nearby craft breweries which can be found on the Vancouver Island Brewery map. Twin Sails Brewing was opened on Oct. 23rd 2015 and has made traditional German style beer.


Twin Sails Brewing does have a tasting room that is a popular stop on the weekend. The tasting room does not take reservations, but many times there is only a short wait time. If you want to avoid the crowds, think about heading in early on the weekend, or visit during the week.


Unlike many other craft breweries, there are no brewery tours at Twin Sails Brewing. However, most of the brewery is visible from the windows in their tasting room. This means that you can enjoy your craft beer while watching it being made.


If you have children, they are allowed to visit the tasting room. Twin Sails Brewing offers a large selection of soda for children and those who do not drink craft beer. You can also bring food with you, or order at the tasting room. There are sausages and Cobs bread for sale in the tasting room, as they pair well with the German Style beer. At the moment, there are no gluten free options. However, Twin Sails Brewing is looking to add gluten free options along with other types of drinks in the near future.


Twin Sails Brewing offers their beers on tap or pre-packaged. They will fill growlers from anywhere, as long as the growler is 1 or 2 litters large. It should be noted that not all of their beers are available to fill a growler. Many times, this is due to them only having a small amount of a particular beer left in the kegs.  In these cases, there will be packaged options available for you to take home. You can contact Twin Sails Brewing to find out what beers are available for filling growlers at the time you visit.


If you are looking for Twin Sails Brewing craft beers, you can visit the tasting room. Their beers are also in liquor stores, in the ‘Our Beer’ section along with other beers from craft breweries. On their website, there is a list of all the stores and restaurants that stock their beers. There are many other Nanaimo breweries on the Vancouver Island Brewery map that are near Twin Sails Brewing if you would like to try many craft breweries at one time. Twin Sails Brewing focuses on making German styles of beer and has been expanding their line to have more options in their tasting room.

Twin Sails Port Moody