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The Rise of the Vancouver Craft Beer Industry

Vancouver Craft Breweries

Canadians are good beer drinkers and know where to find the good stuff. Because of the booming Vancouver craft beer scene, they are drinking great beer. And Vancouver is leading the way when it comes to the craft beer scene in the country.


The Vancouver craft beer industry has no signs of slowing down in the next couple of years. Ever since its boom in 2013 to 2014, the market share for artisanal beer in the region has increased year after year.


One thing that beer drinkers need to know is that Vancouver breweries has been around for decades, but there were just over ten breweries in the city. And then the craft beer boom happened, and Vancouver tap houses started to sprout all over the city.


How It Happened


The Vancouver craft beer boom was the result to the major changes to B.C. liquor laws that was implemented in March of 2013. Some of the changes made it easier for small and medium-sized breweries to sell their products. Vancouver breweries are now allowed to have tasting rooms and on-site lounges. During that time, it was the goal of the provincial government to scrap all the existing laws governing alcohol production, sales, and distribution. The changes to the liquor law led to the craft beer explosion.


The relaxed liquor laws have lured craftsmen to establish new breweries in the city. By 2014, there were 30 new Vancouver breweries, and the artisan beer scene continues to grow over time. Some of the breweries that opened to the public in 2013 are Deep Cove Brewers, Four Winds Brewing Co., Central City Brewing Co., 33 Acres Brewing Company, Brassneck Brewery, and Greenleaf Brewing Co.


Mainstream Attention


The craft beer explosion in Vancouver gained mainstream attention. Major media companies covered the boom and tried to find out what is going on in the city. Before 2013, most outsiders didn’t know about the Vancouver craft beer scene. Then suddenly the city became a popular destination for beer lovers from all across North America and the world.


Most of the Vancouver breweries are found in clusters in different neighbourhoods. And that’s why one of the most popular activities in the city is craft beer tour or crawl. Those way visitors are able to taste various craft beers within a single day.


It is not just the breweries that are reaping the benefits of the craft beer explosion. Because of the Vancouver craft beer boom, it is more appealing for people to stroll around different neighbourhoods in the city. Neighbourhoods have been brought to life. And local businesses are earning more profits due to the increase of tourists in the area.

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