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Vancouver Island Brewing

Vancouver Island Brewing Company and the Activities You Can Do


Vancouver Island brewing is one of the legendary Victoria Craft Beer producing companies that started in the early 90s. Its creativity and professionalism in combining malts and hops has epitomised the uniqueness of their beers. Using perfectly designed recipes, the company has produced sweet and refreshing brands that every drinker finds it easy to drink. Brewers in this company have the ability to combine hops and malts of both local and international origin to bring forth special beers that are special to everyone. Vancouver Island Brewing is real a hub of great and unique beers where every drinker can quench his or her thirst.


Enjoy Meals and Beers in the Wonderful Restaurants


As one of the reputable Victoria Breweries, it offers fancy and breathtaking restaurants where people can have delicious cuisines. There are tantalising aromatic dishes which when they are supplemented with beers, you will feel maximum satisfaction that you haven’t felt before. Food is offered both for groups and for single person. When in the restaurants, you can taste the over-the-counter onsite brewed beers which are brewed to reach your taste standards. When going for a dinner or any meal, make sure that you make the necessary arrangements because sometimes the seats could be full.


Go for Tours at the Vancouver Island Brewing


Victoria BC breweries offer complete package for those who would like to tour the area. You will have maximum fun by knowing how the beers are made or processed. Be ready to taste a lot of them, and for those who are coming for a tour, there are lucrative bonuses and discounts that they could get when they buy. This would be the perfect time to buy gifts for your friends because it would be sold at a cheap price. You will be taken through the vineyard plantations, and you will have the opportunity to see the archive room that enshrines all the equipment and old brewing tools.


Taste Wines and Beers in the Tasting Room


When you come for the guided tours, it costs $7 per person which means you would be taken through all the areas of the premises. The main aim is to give you an unforgettable experience in the company. For over thirty years, Vancouver Island brewing has been making the best beers for people. You would be surprised to get the tastes and aromas that you have never ever seen since you started drinking. Every beer is within the hygienic and health standards to ensure that you enjoy without incurring any side effects.