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Whistler Brewery Tours and Activities


Whistler Brew house is a lavish place that offers a breath taking and compelling venue for all types of parties and luxurious tours. The Brew house is a complex structure that showcases a restaurant, a bar, and mezzanine. It’s a platinum standard place where luxury would be imposed to anyone who happens to tour the place for enjoyment purposes. Every place is well maintained and always upgraded to appear different to all people who enter the facility so that they find an ultimate reason to enjoy. Whether you are a Whistler brewery Tours group or a small group, Brew house can accommodate people efficiently.


Get the Tantalizing Aromatic Dishes


The restaurant’s uniqueness is epitomized by its world class prepared food that would give every eater a reason to salivate. Every food on the menu is meant to make you feel satisfied because of the creative mixture of ingredients. Meals are served to all type of people, whether a group or a single person. You can have the house desert menu, the dinner menu and the function menu depending on what you prefer and like. Every one of these meal category is comprised of the best dishes that would serve you to your satisfaction. 


Facilities Present in the Bars and Restaurants


There is enough space at Whistler craft Breweries, both downstairs and upstairs filled with excellent chairs and tables so that everyone can have space to enjoy his or her beer and meals efficiently. To add on to this already amazing feature, there are flat screens TVs on every corner that guarantee magnificent viewing of every program that would be on progress. A fireplace exists on every corner of the pub to combat the chilly weather of the brew house environment. The bar is located on a welcoming place where everyone would feel the specialness of enjoying in places like these ones.


Beers that Are Brewed at Brew House


The big wolf bitter is a type of beer that has a high consumption rate at the Whistler breweries. English crystal malt and high traditional hops are blended to bring the bitter tasting effect which makes the beer more appealing to the drinkers. The Grizzly Brown ale is a full-bodied beer that has all the best features to make you relax after a long day hiking in the hills. Alta Lake Ale is another wholesome beer brand that is made from German Malts and Pacific North West Hops to make it more appealing to the user.


Brew house is a multipurpose house that can hold big events when booked by the party holder. The place has maximum security so no robber cases could arise when enjoying in this place.