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Wolf Brewing on the Vancouver Island Brewery Map


The beer industry has seen enormous growth in the recent past, thanks to craft breweries. There are so small breweries that have been launched, and this has increased the number of beer styles that are in the market. With the tons Nanaimo breweries being set up, you can easily enjoy quality and unique beer products. Beer tastes differently depending on a number of factors. When you look at the Vancouver Island Brewery map, you can easily trace the growth of the craft beer industry.


Wolf Brewing is one of the small breweries that have been rising to the top and have remained consistent in the production of unique beer, with amazing taste. Here are some of the factors that the craft breweries should have in mind when venturing into the industry, so as to enjoy great success like, Wolf Brewing Company.


Creating Brand Awareness


With the various brands from the larger breweries, the smaller Nanaimo breweries tend to have a big challenge to market their beers. There are many independent craft breweries that may not have the same resources to market their products as the large corporations. In order to promote their beer, the microbreweries are using other strategies like emphasis on quality, exceptional customer care, tours and have different products, for different seasons and holding special events among other strategies. This has worked for most of the craft breweries and revamped the industry, at large.




Several factors need to be taken into account by these independent craft breweries when working on their business. For instance, it would be imperative to ensure that there is enough quantity produced to satisfy the various orders that have been placed by the various customers. Failure to deliver would result into bars ordering from larger breweries. When you look at the Vancouver Island Brewery map, you will realise that there many independent breweries. Standing out of the crowd is mandatory for any brewery to get and retain customers.


Supply Channel


It is one thing for the Nanaimo breweries to produce great beer and a totally different thing to get it out there. In the recent past, most people have fallen in love with crafted beer. The demand seems to be growing by the day, and the smaller craft breweries have been looking for various channels to distribute their beer. Brewery tours and having a tasting room is a great channel.


There are some independent breweries that have been using the large-scale producers to distribute crafted beer. With the growth of the craft beer industry, there are so many products in the market, which makes it hard for the distributors to pick what to sell. This leaves the distribution issue solely on the small breweries.