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East Vancouver Brewery Tour

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The Vancouver craft breweries have been on the rise since the early 2000s, but the expansion of the industry was witnessed in 2012-2013. There have been so many Vancouver breweries that have been launched, which has impacted the growth of the craft beer in the whole region of Vancouver.


Generally, British Columbia has a great passion for beer and this love for the beer is what has triggered the immense expansion of the Vancouver craft breweries industry. There have been challenges in the beer industry, and there are times that it was fading away. However, the entry of the small independent enterprises with many innovative products has helped the upswing on the East Van breweries. One of the biggest approaches of the small Vancouver craft breweries is that they seek to reach the smaller populations who love beer and not mass markets.


There are many beer enthusiasts in Vancouver, and they have been taking their favourite drinks over the years. With the current trend of Vancouver breweries tours, most people have come to appreciate the brewing process and love their beer even more. There are so many beer products that can be found in these Vancouver craft breweries. The good news is that most of the smaller brewing companies also allow tasting of the beer and drinking from the tap. You can also hold small events at these locations, where you will enjoy lots of craft beer.


If you have no idea about Vancouver craft breweries, you will be able to find the necessary information here. You will learn all that you need to know about craft beer, and you can appreciate the various flavours and brands of beer that the BC brewing industry has to offer. There is a great revolution, and the industry will continue to grow.


When exploring the Vancouver craft breweries, there is so much that you will in the tasting room, which is known as the growler-filling station. Many beer lovers will drink different types of local beer that the industry has to offer. The Vancouver breweries have been growing by the day, and there are so many events that have been organised to promote the craft beer in BC.


Initially, there were barely 10 Vancouver craft breweries and it was a very small industry. As soon as there was an amendment in the old liquor law, and Vancouver breweries were allowed to have a tasting room, this changed the whole industry. The law allows the breweries, to serve a single glass of 12 ounces per customer, per night. This has opened up the overall industry, and besides providing different types of beers, the Vancouver craft breweries have become a tourist attraction.

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Strathcona Beer Company

Off the Rail Brewing

Parallel 49 Brewing

Triumph Brewing

Postmark Brewing

Powell Street Brewing

Bomber Brewing

Callister Brewing

Andina Brewing