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Strathcona Beer | Wild Double Pale Ale

Strathcona Beer | Wild Double Pale Ale

Strathcona Beer Company Wild Double Pale Ale

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Wild Double Pale Ale, 6.7%

Strathcona Beer Company

One of the coolest new Vancouver Craft Breweries.  This skateboarder inspired brewery has a hip tasting room and an incredible pizza selection you’ll want to split with a friend.  You need to see this for yourself, it’s modern with a mix of laid back skateboarder.  Read our blog about Strathcona Beer Company here.

Strathcona Wild Double Pale Ale

Fresh hop season, it’s the best season of the year for Vancouver craft beer aficionados.  Basically all the breweries put together a beer of their own recipe using fresh hops instead of the usual pellets.   This creates a more complex flavor in the beer and has a little more flavor and a bit less bitter. 

This 6.7% Vancouver craft beer has a lot less bitter component than your usual IPA.  It is full of hops from local farmers.  It has hints of Citra, Pheonix and Mosaic hops all my favorite food groups.