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What to Do on St. Patrick’s Day

What to Do on St. Patrick’s Day
Wondering what to do on March 17th? Saint Paddy’s Day is approaching and we at Canadian Craft Tours want to help you and your friends and/or loved ones make the most of it, safely and responsibly. Like me, are you always running around at the last moment, trying to hail cabs, make last minute reservations at a local restaurant or swing over to the very busy liquor stores before racing home to put out the feed bags, find a babysitter?

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Victoria Caledonia Craft Brewery & Distillery

Victoria Caledonia Craft Brewery & Distillery

Victoria Caledonia Craft Brewery & Distillery

Producing 4+ Beers under the Twa Dogs name brand as well as two scotch style whiskey’s that were blended by a Scott in Canada.  Over the next few years Victoria Caledonian will produce one of the top whiskey's in Canada.

Victoria Craft Brewery & Distillery Tour

Victoria Craft Brewery

Beers – Mistress of my Soul Saison, Holy Willie’s Robust Porter, Drouthy Neibor IPA, Jolly Beggar’s Pale Ale


Victoria Caledonian Craft Beer

Victoria Craft Distillery

For those of you that havn’t had a chance to visit this Victoria craft Brewery yet, take the trip soon.  Located only 15 minutes out of downtown Victoria.  This craft brewery/distillery will soon be one of the top craft breweries on Vancouver Island.

Victoria Caledonian Distillery Tour

Victoria Craft Distillery Tour

Caledonian was built with tours in mind and their equipment is extremely impressive.  The stills are lined with Brass and makes it about the nicest distillery in Canada.

Victoria Caledonian Distillery